Thursday, May 27, 2010

the CSI project: paint challenge, entries #1-5

These are my entries for the CSI project: paint challenge. Please comment on your favorite! The entry with the most comments will be the first tutorial I post.

Click on any picture for a larger view!

#1 DIY Halloween Costumes
Oscar the Grouch in his trash can! Click here for the tutorial and a close-up of the texture of the trash can — it was so realistic! I also made a stewardess' hat for my own costume, carved from a free Krispy Kreme hat and spray-painted black, to wear this same Halloween.

#2 Trashcan to Tupperware Storage
I have a tall, free-standing pantry cabinet in my kitchen, on top of which we store our plasticware. The stacks kept falling, and I could barely reach the ones in back, even standing on a chair. Then I remembered theses two black trash cans we'd cleaned out, and I sorted the lids and bins into them. Now they sit on top instead and can easily be hauled down (without even standing on a chair) to find the containers I need. One has stripes and a caterpillar, the other has a butterfly and polka dots, all in lilac and purple.

#3 Recycled Newspaper Beads
These were inspired by an Infarrantly Creative post! Purple, lilac, silver, and champagne paint transformed old newspapers. Stay tuned for an as-yet-un-uploaded pic of the finished necklace and earrings. My son turned his share into red and blue freeform "rocks".

#4 My First Watercolor
The view from underwater (see the dirt and rocks under the bank, and the grass peeking out?) as a girl reaches out a finger to touch the surface of the water. I've always wondered if I painted this just to show the girl exploring nature or if it's painted from the perspective of an underwater fairy creature. Dorky? That's how I roll.

#5 Basic Boxes
I've always liked hidden surprises, so I put them inside my boxes. My favorite is the vine creeping inside the lid.

Leave a comment about your favorite and check back later for more details on these projects!



Liz said...

ohhhhh i love the costume ... such a cute idea ... and my daughter would go crazy for the star boxes ... i think i need to make some of those they came out so cute

Stephanie Lynn said...

The costume is super cute!!! Great job! Love the newspaper balls too! ~ Stephanie Lynn

Jen @ said...

great projects! that Halloween costume is adorable!

Thanks so much for linking up to the CSI Project! We really appreciate it. I hope you will come back next week for our Hardware Store challenge!


Amanda said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I love the Halloween costume! BTW - the paint I used on my house numbers was Rustoleum Satin Finish in green.

portable island for kitchen said...

It's quite impressive.