Thursday, December 9, 2010

Upcycled Sweater-into-Stocking

My brother brought his rockin' girlfriend (K) home for Thanksgiving, so they won't be able to be with us for Christmas. Therefore, we did a little Christmasing while they were here. Since I'm always looking for a valid excuse reason to craft, I thought a homemade stocking would be a welcoming gesture. K's favorite color is purple, her style seemed to be a little eclectic chic, and she loves high heels, so I set out to create a high-heeled stocking in purple. (And any high heel "worth having" must come with a red sole, right? :)

$1.00 ~ Gap Wool Sweater, Habitat for Humanity ReStore
$0.13 ~ Red Sparkle Felt, Hobby Lobby (after Christmas 2009)
$1.99 ~ Bag of Assorted Craft Thread/String Stuff, Salvation Army Retail Store
$4.79 ~ 30" Plume of Feathers, JoAnn
BUT I still have 3/5 of a sweater, 16/17 of the felt sheet, 99% of the craft thread, and 5 feathers left over. So instead of $7.91, it's really more like, 40¢ + 1¢ + 2¢ + 80¢ = $1.23! Oh, plus a pin back and some SuperGlue, which I already had.

Tutorial to come — just wanted to get the pics up first!