Thursday, June 24, 2010

the CSI project: wall challenge, entry #1

This first entry isn't so much a craft as an idea. Does that even count? I found a super-chunky, gorgeous frame at our Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $1. $1!?! It made me happy just to look at it, so I justified the dollar. As soon as I got home, I knew it had to go in my bathroom. You see, my prayer list/reminder and my daily positive affirmations are posted on the wall across from...our toilet. Where else is a busy mom guaranteed to see them at least once a day? :D Problem is, they've just been hanging there, taped to the wall. Ugh. So I framed them out (hid them, from the doorway) with this gorgeous, heavy frame, and now it's not so eyesore-y when you enter the bathroom.

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Paddywack Designs said...

What a great frame and what a great idea... so true about a busy mom...just remember to lock the door... if your kids our like my son, that's the only way to insure your solitude. (: