Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend in French Lick

No, it's not as dirty as it sounds. French Lick is a town in Indiana with a couple of fabulous luxury resorts. This past weekend, about 300 beauty consultants got to stay there (tax write-off!) for a training retreat put on by our (in my case, adopted) National Sales Director, the incomparable Linda Toupin.

I'll add more later, but here's what we did Friday night:

Members of the Future Holly Brown National Area (plus 1 groupie ☺) made quite an impact at the country costume night for the 2010 Toupin Area Fall Retreat! Thanks to my hubby for creating the theme song CD and to The Barons quartet for the jokes that inspired our MK version of Hee Haw's "Cornfield" sketch.

Here are our jokes:

Christine Hayes: Hey, Sharon! Did you hear that the Top Directors just got back from a cruise to Greece?!
Sharon Rawlings: Yeah, but did YOU hear what happened when a pink cruise ship crashed into a purple cruise ship?
Christine: No! What?
Kathy Baggerman: Everybody got MAROONED!

Marva Moberly: Hey Hannah, what do you have in that sack?
Hannah Wheeler: [hold up imaginary sack] Look Books!
Marva: If I guess how many are in there, will you give me one?
Hannah: If you guess how many are in there, I’ll give you BOTH of them!

Holly Brown: Doctor! Hey, doc! I haven’t seen you since you gave me my last physical.
Erma Anderson: Well hi, ____. How are you?
Holly: I’m doing great thanks to you. I’ve done exactly as you said after my physical. You told me I “was a HOT MAMA and to be CHEERFUL”.
Erma: What?! I told you you “had a HEART MURMUR and to be CAREFUL!”

Hilary Fiskeaux (me): Knock, knock…
Melissa Noe: Come on in!
Hilary: No, no, no, no — it’s supposed to be a “knock, knock” joke…so…Knock, knock…
Melissa: Come on in!
Hilary: No, no — it’s a “knock, knock” joke. I’ll help you: I say “knock, knock” you say “who’s there”.
Melissa: Oh, okay, I think I’ve got it. Go ahead.
Hilary: Knock, knock…
Melissa: Who’s there?
Hilary: Ryan Rogers
Melissa: Come on in!

Holly: So long everybody!
Melissa: We'll see you in Houston on...
Everybody: [up] Heeeeee-haw!
Christine: That’s all!