Thursday, December 9, 2010

Upcycled Sweater-into-Stocking

My brother brought his rockin' girlfriend (K) home for Thanksgiving, so they won't be able to be with us for Christmas. Therefore, we did a little Christmasing while they were here. Since I'm always looking for a valid excuse reason to craft, I thought a homemade stocking would be a welcoming gesture. K's favorite color is purple, her style seemed to be a little eclectic chic, and she loves high heels, so I set out to create a high-heeled stocking in purple. (And any high heel "worth having" must come with a red sole, right? :)

$1.00 ~ Gap Wool Sweater, Habitat for Humanity ReStore
$0.13 ~ Red Sparkle Felt, Hobby Lobby (after Christmas 2009)
$1.99 ~ Bag of Assorted Craft Thread/String Stuff, Salvation Army Retail Store
$4.79 ~ 30" Plume of Feathers, JoAnn
BUT I still have 3/5 of a sweater, 16/17 of the felt sheet, 99% of the craft thread, and 5 feathers left over. So instead of $7.91, it's really more like, 40¢ + 1¢ + 2¢ + 80¢ = $1.23! Oh, plus a pin back and some SuperGlue, which I already had.

Tutorial to come — just wanted to get the pics up first!



Candice S. said...

I LOVE this idea!!! How stinkin' cute is that!? ... I replied back to your post on my blog ( but I wanted to ensure you received it..

Actually, I didn't use the applesauce and cinnamon dough for the final ornaments. I couldn't get it to work without it being too sticky. Everytime I thought it was pliable.. I would roll it out but it would stick to rolling pin. I was so frustrated that I used my salt dough recipe:

After that I added in food coloring and then cinnamon. It worked beautifully. The only differences are that this recipe isn't nearly as fragrant and they are not dark brown like the original recipe.

I hope this helps and Merry Christmas!


Taylor Renee said...

LOVE this! Especially the red sole. Can't wait for the tutorial!