Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy New Year 2012: Upcoming Projects

Wow, am I behind!  Lots of fun things have been happening.  Most notably, we bought our first house!  So, yes --- I finally got to PAINT something!  Granted, the only painting we've done is the front door (purple, yo), but it is OURS.
Another big deal is getting my first "grown-up" phone...on Wednesday.  LOL  Yes, it took me that long to get a touch screen, internet, and Words with Friends on my phone. 
The last big piece of news is that I've professionally partnered with Refuge for Women, a non-profit that ministers to adult entertainment workers and victims of human trafficking.  They are the only "safe house" in the country that doesn't require the women to pay or to detox before coming --- if women are ready to escape, they have a place to go!  Anyway, they are currently full to capacity and have to turn away any new applicants.  A bunch of us local Mary Kay beauty consultants have partnered with them to raise $30,000 for a downpayment on a second house...and we need your help!  There are two ways to help.  First, I need sponsors -- .50 per face, $1 per face, $2, $5, even $10 per face, to sponsor my 30 faces during the fundraiser.  Second, I need faces.  :)  Every woman who gets pampered this month (for FREE), whether it's a facial, a makeover, or a pedicure, earns the sponsors' donations to the Refuge!  So get your winter skin care update, learn a 3-minute makeup routine, and get your foundation perfectly-matched...and give back at the same time!  When was the last time you could recharge your emotional batteries, look and feel better/younger/healthier, have some girl time (time to yourself or time with friends) for free AND support such an impactful ministry at the same time...?  So get your girlfriends all excited and contact me, if you are a current client of mine OR if you are currently without the services of a professional beauty consultant!  (P.S.  Anyone in the U.S., Puerto Rico, or Guam can get pampered or sponsor!)

Here are some of the projects I've been working on.  When I get a chance, I'll post tutorials.  Click to see larger pictures:

My 6 year-old vinyl planner cover was cracking and falling apart, so I designed a new one!  Leopard print, of course.  I <3 felt!

Made one for a sister beauty consultant, too.

Started a new Christmas tradition this year, too.

...and who learned to read?

Each Christmas Eve, we give the boys new pajamas.  This year, I found some "Agent P" thermal PJs for our 5½ year-old, but they didn't come any smaller for my 2¾ year-old.  I bought a pair of coordinating plain blue thermals and then just free-handed a felt applique of Perry to sew on the front.

Last year's Christmas jammies get worn ALL.THE.TIME.  Like, 24 actual hours a day, several days in a row.  Even out of the house. (Hey, they're covered, they're warm, we aren't late because of getting dressed, and I don't have to fight with them to wear socks.  Parenting WIN)  However, as a result, there are several holes in the feet.  That meant I had to learn how to darn!  Who knew it was so simple?

My boys' play store has some plastic food, but they keep asking for the kinds of food we eat -- like whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes.  Enter felt!  These pancakes were my first foray into self-designed play food: chocolate chip on one side, plain on the other.  Just for kicks, I made two with felt "chips" and two with French knot "chips".  That was fun!  Got in a bunch of American Pickers on Netflix while I made those bad boys.

Guess what kind of felt play food I'm working on here?  My own design -- I'm so proud!

We LOVE Family Fun Magazine and always turn down the corners on several projects.  Then never make them.  Finally, I decided to go through the magazine with the boys and ask them which projects interested them.  Then I'd have accountability!  LOL   Here's the first one we worked on: posable felt animals.  They aren't finished yet.

That's all for now, but if one project gets a bunch more comments than another, I'll put up that tutorial first!