Friday, October 23, 2009

How to Make-Over a Glass Lazy Susan, part 1

  1. Clean the styrofoam bits off the surface and rub with alcohol.

  2. Freak out about paint choices.

  3. Attempt to scuff surface with fine sandpaper.

  4. Do another alcohol rub.
  5. Get sandpaper grit all over forearms while leaning to reach keyboard to type steps 1-5.
  6. Put on Thoroughly Modern Millie soundtrack.
  7. Bite the bullet and mix Plaid Apple Barrel Colors Craft Paint in Pure Silver with DecoArt Multi-Purpose Sealer, then apply with a sponge brush.

  8. Repeat step 7, only more so.

  9. Enjoy the streaky effect.

  10. Wonder how flexible the "Let dry 1 hour" instruction is.
  11. Take 5 minutes to type steps 6-10, then touch the paint to see if it's dry.

  12. Attempt to fix fingerprint with brush; decide surface is dry enough for a second coat anyway.
  13. Make a mental note to do all future painting projects on a rotating stand.

  14. Wonder why paint won't stick to this one st*pid spot.

  15. Wonder if continually spinning the lazy susan as in the picture in step 13 would aid the drying process.
  16. Resist urge to touch second coat.
  17. Paint coat three with happily-opaque results.

  18. Realize you're leaning over your project to reach the keyboard; put on painting shirt.
  19. Mix more paint-n-sealer.
  20. Appreciate the freedom to wipe a drip of sealer purposely right on your shirt...then hope it doesn't seep through onto nursing bra.
  21. Paint coat four.

  22. Debate what to paint on finished surface: swirls using dabs of paint and a static brush on a rotating surface? Taped-off geometric shapes? Freehand painted designs? A quote?
  23. Wonder whether just to use more sealer on top of finished piece or Anita's Water Clean-Up Polyurethane.
  24. Paint coat five. Resist urge to pour paint on top of surface and just spread it around.
  25. Hear baby wake up and cry. Push chair back to leave office. Hear toddler tenderly comfort baby with by shouting, "Perrin-Perrin-bo-berrin! Banana-fana-fo-ferrin!"
  26. Dip sleeve in paint on edge of surface by typing from new, pushed-back position.
  27. Attempt to fix dipped area.
  28. Fix attempted fix from step 27.

  29. Try to clean-up paint on edges by spinning the lazy susan against the brush, thereby creating a raised edge of paint on top of surface.
  30. Try wiping off new raised edge; spoil entire surface edge; fix new ickies with coat 5.1.
  31. Discover paint underneath surface of lazy susan (AKA stabilizing place to put fingers).

  32. Leave office to check on baby, show silver fingertips to toddler, and get mini dark chocolate Reese's cup. Close door to prevent kitty participation.
  33. Realize it has been the length of Monsters Inc. plus both shorts. Forgo chocolate and nurse baby.
End of Day One. Stay tuned!

This post originally appeared on my family blog and is reprinted with permission.