Sunday, October 25, 2009

How to Make-Over a Glass Lazy Susan, part 2

How to Make-Over a Glass Lazy Susan, part 2
  1. Avoid additional painting for two days because you're paralyzed by the thought of "screwing up".
  2. Conclude that the first 5.1 coats weren't opaque enough to cover the fruit from every angle (especially when light shines behind it...which it won't if it's set on the table, but...). Consider découpaging instead of painting more.

  3. Ask husband's opinion (he votes "découpage"); get grapes from fridge for sustenance.
  4. Research technique online and find the website for "The National Guild of Decoupeurs" (who knew?). Read through their FAQ, then head to instead.
  5. Look through "Découpage-able" drawer (yes, it's labeled that way) for inspiration.
  6. Find a great poem on an old wedding card, but no background materials.

  7. Realize in a flash that you have three humongo storage tubs of gift wrap to plunder! Research "découpaging gift wrap" and find Durwin Rice's site. Get distracted there, then check out Mod Podge online.
  8. Wonder if cellophane is découpage-able.
  9. Settle on some lovely hydrangea-covered wrapping paper that you've been hoarding. The date on the paper says MCMXCIX. How ironic — it was probably on a wedding gift!

  10. Unfold the paper and realize that it probably was not on a wedding gift. Sigh.

Okay, blogoshere — what should I do? Can I still use this paper, in patches? How can I do that without it looking weird? Should I find something else I can just cut the full circle out of? Should I try painting again, instead? Would thicker coats of paint be good? Aaaggghh!

Separate question: have you had any success in printing things on an inkjet (quotes from old wedding cards, for example) and then découpaging them onto something without the text smearing and bleeding? I could hand-paint the quote instead, but [shudder].

Last question: do you have any idea what kind of determination it takes to reach for the Function and Alt keys with your pinned-down hand just so you can type an accented character while NAK? :p LOL

This post originally appeared on my family blog and is reprinted with permission.