Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Welcome to KatrinkaJane!

Welcome to my brand-new craft-and-cleverness (I hope) blog, called KatrinkaJane!

"Katrinka Jane" is a nickname my mom gave me when I was little, although it has nothing to do with my actual name in any way, other than being constructed of both vowels and consonants.

I'm a professional beauty consultant by day, mom by night (and, who am I kidding, by day). My helpers include my ├╝ber-talented yet out-of-work hubby Charlie, my toddler boy Caspian, and my baby boy Perrin. Three of the four of us are redheads, but we'll keep Charlie around anyway, since he's got the recessive gene and all (plus, he's hot). I anticipate that my mom will probably have a presence in this blog somewhere, as she has promised to teach me macrame in the future. (Hi, mom!) I would never have started this whole adventure if it weren't for Sarah and, particularly, Beckie, whose blogs inspired me to rekindle my inner craft-fire™.

Keep your eyes peeled for craft posts, tutorials, and items of general interest...and thanks for reading!