Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blinged-Out Brace

Saving orphans from ninjas.

That's my "official" story. It's a lot more glamorous than the "I-ran-into-our-steel-baby-gate-instead-of-simply-striding-through-it-and-it-hit-the-nerve-between-two-bones-in-my-wrist" story. Either way, my hyper-stimulated radial sensory nerve ends up in a plasticast.

No, it didn't come that way. I figured, if I'm going to stare at this thing for a few weeks, it darn well better be pretty. It's surprising how neutral leopard print is — it goes with every outfit! I used this picture for inspiration (found by Google-ing "leopard print"), grabbed a couple Sharpies, and went to town!

Everyone at my PT office freaked out when I went back the next time — they thought I'd gotten custom straps from somewhere. :) I spent my next visit decorating another patient's straps (to match her shirt) with my right hand as I did therapy with my left. FUN! Another day, I got to customize a friend's black brace with a silver Sharpie while we were doing some career training.

Next time you're stuck in a cast or brace, find some way for it to make you happy when you look at it!