Saturday, January 29, 2011


I seriously wish our family camera had chosen a different night to die.

And I wish that the step-by-step pics I took with my cell phone (when the camera died mid-project) weren't corrupted.

And I wish that our replacement camera wasn't coming all the way from Canada.

All I can say is, whenever I enter my gift wrap area, I have a little craftgasm*. Because I finally got to use this for something ahhhhh-mazing:

...and it was 100% totally and completely my own brilliant, original idea!  Yes, that's a 50¢ wooden cassette tape rack from Goodwill.  And no, I'm not going to post an "after" or give any other hints until I can take a REAL "after" picture.  Wanna guess...?  Anyone who guesses correctly wins a prize!

*By the way, "craftgasm"© is a term I coined a few years ago to describe any craft product/project-related moment that reeeeally excites you.  Like, the instant you see it, you're...excited.  Like, makes your heart rate increase.  IfyouknowwhatImean.  Kind of like this or ooohh, this!

Yes, that's a Sharpie wall.  And yes, my husband knows what it does to me.


jayma15 said...

Can I make more than one guess? LOL I'm thinking SU punches, or stamps? Hmmm, maybe rolls of ribbon? I'm thinking about the dimensions of a cassette tape and trying to think what would fit in there!

Andrea said...

Are you going to paint it, put glass over it and make some crazy-cool decoration?

Gary and Shelice Murphy said...

Love the term "craftgasm" I sooo get it! I'm glad you stopped by...I'd forgotten about my crockpot post, thanks for giving a reason to go back and read it. I'll definitely be back to see what you've come up with...I love surprises. Oh, and I'm so with ya on the sharpies!

Andrea said...

How about a fancy chore chart of sorts? This is killing me. I hope you get your camera soon!

YuyuSC said...

You're too much, LOL

Would you take the pic with the cellphone at least ???!!! ;-)

kimmysrockintutus said...

Tissue paper organization! Oh goodness... I would cry! lol... I LOVE TISSUE PAPER!
That would store a lot of gift tags... too many lol... I am so freaking curious over this lol

kimmysrockintutus said...

Gift Wrap Table, Gift Card Organizer

kimmysrockintutus said...

If you were to paint all the "shelves" off white, take off the back, attach a background of your choice and put the back on ... you could have a "window" with blinds in a room you may not have a window... and could look out at a mountain or an ocean or anything! I'd attach some rods and strings to finish up the illusion lol