Saturday, January 15, 2011

Repurposing Old Jeans: crayon roll, part 1

I've wanted to make a crayon roll for the boys for a while now. Their crayons are currently in a plastic box from IKEA, but I'd like something a little more travel-friendly. Good thing it's a newbie-friendly project, because I'm going to have to do a tutorial mash-up to get the one I want. :D I like the fold-over flap from Feels Like Home, the trim from Skip to My Lou, the elastic closure from The Pleated Poppy, and the dimensions from Make It and Love It or The Idea Room (since my crayons are the tall twisty kind too). The idea to use vinyl inside is great, too (like on Stitched Boutique).

As if that wasn't enough, I got the bright idea to use some of my hubby's discarded jeans (which, he knows now, go straight into my fabric stash) so the roll will be durable. Is that even possible?!  (UPDATE: Craft Knife used upholstery samples from Goodwill, so probably.) (LATER UPDATE: Craft Knife also did it in denim and corduroy!) We'll see if my machine can handle it. This thing is going to end up being the size of a duffle bag, isn't it...?



Andrea said...

Thanks for the great idea!