Saturday, January 22, 2011

Get Well Soon: part 2, arranging

Click here for part 1, prep.

Now that all our stems are trimmed, we can actually start deciding what goes where.  I laid everything out by color family.  Notice what's missing?  Yep — little miss obtrusive, the ivory rose.  She was too much of a scene-stealer, and this production calls for an ensemble cast.

By the way, don't you love my flower holder?  Does anyone not have one of these white wire shelf things, or at least a white wire basket?  We have this stuff all over the place (much to my chagrin).  It's not very attractive, but it sure is functional.

It was perfect for separating my flowers without crushing them.  Or getting cat hair on them.

First, I started by placing the largest blooms, trying to balance by both size and color.  Yep, still working with an upside-down basket.

Next, the medium-sized clusters and blossoms were added.

Then the smaller sprigs and single buds.  But...uh, oh.  Little miss obtrusive has left a hole in her wake.  See it?  Above the blue mum at the bottom?  No, no — above my shadow.  (Hey, I'm sitting right under the overhead light fixture.)

 She was the right color, but just a little too big, so I decided to do a little deconstruction.  The inside of the flower had a little lip on it, so I had to pull from the bottom (which, in hindsight, made more sense anyway).

Off comes the fake sepal (after inadvertently turning it inside-out).

Next comes the little spacer dude, which was found between each couple layers of petals.

I took off the three largest petal sets, then replaced the two plastic parts.

Voila!  A sizeable ivory rosebud — not too big, not too small.


Next up, adding the eucalyptus (Christmas clearance).

Finally, some leaves tucked here and there.

Now that I have pics of my layout, I'm ready to take everything out!  LOL  Time to turn over the basket, put in the foam, and actually commit.  No going back once you poke those holes!

Click here for part 3, finale.